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Published on Aug 12, 2014

Civil forfeiture is a little-known legal device that allows law enforcement officials to take your property, sell it and pocket the proceeds—even if you have done nothing wrong. The most terrifying place in Philadelphia is Courtroom 478 in City Hall. This is where property owners enter Philadelphia’s Civil Forfeiture Machine. Philadelphia’s automated, machine-like forfeiture scheme is unprecedented in size. From 2002 to 2012, Philadelphia took in over $64 million in forfeiture funds—or almost $6 million per year...

non profits & activism

Published on Aug 22, 2014

Law enforcement and local authorities greatly mishandled the situation in Ferguson, MO, according to retired Philadelphia Police Capt. Ray Lewis. Speaking with RT, the former commander criticized the thinly veiled attempts to paint Michael Brown as a criminal and the heavily armed police response that took the form of an “occupying army.” RT’s Ameera David has the interview.

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