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Published on Sep 25, 2017

Gregg Popovich discusses President Trump at media day

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Published on Jun 12, 2017

Joel Holt, with the help of Roxanne Meadows and Nate Dinwiddie’s archiving, created a video “Reflections on the Life & Work of Jacque Fresco”. The video presents snippets from Jacque's life, events, and appearances throughout his prolific and active life. Our resolve to work toward a Resource Based Economy as proposed by Jacque will continue to push us, to make steps towards a more equitable future.

The Venus Project proposes an alternative vision of what the future can be if we apply what we already know in order to achieve a sustainable new world civilization. It calls for a straightforward redesign of our culture in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable but as totally unacceptable. Anything less will result in a continuation of the same catalog of problems inherent in today's world.

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