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Our goal is to reiterate positive provocative-reality to motivate effective change from the negative observation viewed in the mainstream media. We, as a society see and accept negative news on a daily basis that influences most of us to believe this is the only way to live and accept life. I am a firm believer that if we can re-focus our energy and mind towards a positive direction and existence, then this way of thinking will manifest itself and spread like a wild fire.

If we can change at least one person’s mind, one person's thoughts, from the negative to positive way of life, then we are one step closer to fulfilling our vision. If you want to change for a positive future, you must start with self!

Uplifting news by definition is intended for growth: through, print, tv, video and internet media to enable us all to participate within a viable and accessible platform to battle negativity. Our website with your interaction: will give humankind belief for more positive thinking - “what the mind can receive it can achieve.”

Thank you for your support!!!

Richard Ball, Chris Brown and Jonathan Bradley - & Staff

UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO: Please submit only positive, inspiring accomplishments that has made a difference in one's life and reality for a positive future.

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